E-Box EV Charger

A mobile charger that can be quickly deployed to meet growing electric vehicle market demand, with no additional fixed infrastructure or grid connection. 


A mobile alternative to the heavy fixed infrastructure, E-Box EV Chargers are batteries powered, providing a powerful green charge without the need for complex infrastructure. A truly mobile solution, E-Box can be deployed quickly without any electrical upgrades, permitting or construction. It moves to meet charging needs at any location and can charge multiple cars per working day. 

Time Saving

Immediate deployment, no fixed structures. Start charging in days rather than weeks.

WOW - Time saving.png

No Permitting

Easy installation,No permits required. No additional construction. No expensive construction projects. 

WOW - No permitting.png


No more drivers parking all day. 
The mobile power solution replace  up to 7 charging points. 

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The easiest way to electrify your company™️


Battery powered solution using green energy


Plug-and-Play solution, be up and running with power immediately.


Easy installation and to move. Unit fully mobile and self-propelled.